What to expect

What is this thing? Why should you read it? How often will I send one of these?

For lack of a better name, Interesting Things is a running log of things I consume or interact with in some way and I find cool/interesting (more or less my own version of Tim Ferriss’ five bullet friday). I plan on sending one of these per week.

I expect most if not all of these posts will follow a simple digestible format: products I’ve discovered, articles/books/audiobooks I’ve read, Tweets or threads, podcasts, and maybe the occasional product/business idea I wish someone would build.

Many of these things are things I end up sharing with friends in private chats, and that feels painfully ineffective as a way of distributing knowledge. So now I’ll share them here too.

Let me know if you find this useful, have any feedback, and of course feel free to pass along something you find interesting.

Thanks for reading.

- Alex

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Alex Sharp

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