Interesting Things - Is this thing on??

Introducing Interesting Things, my newsletter of things I find (wait for it) interesting

What is this thing? Why should you read it? How often will I send one of these?

For lack of a better name, Interesting Things is a running log of things I consume or interact with in some way and I find cool/interesting (more or less my own version of Tim Ferriss’ five bullet friday).

I plan on sending an Interesting Things update once per week.

I expect most if not all of these posts will follow a simple digestible format:

  • products I’ve discovered

  • articles/books/audiobooks I’ve read

  • tweets or threads I like

  • podcast episodes or clips I found particularly engaging or insightful

  • and maybe the occasional product/business idea I wish someone would build

Many of these things are things I end up sharing with friends in private chats, and that feels painfully ineffective as a way of distributing knowledge. So now I’ll share them here too.

I don’t expect I’ll do too much original writing here, but if I do, it won’t be more than a 1-2 posts per month.

Let me know if you find this useful, have any feedback, and of course feel free to pass along something you find interesting.

Thanks for reading.

- Alex