☝️ Interesting Things #2 - January 15, 2021

Bill Gates is America's largest farmer 👨‍🌾 + Toby, Commonstock, Gather, Spline, Astra, Alto.

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  • Two great episodes of the All-In podcast this week, with discussion revolving around last week’s capital attacks, free speech issues and big tech, and much more.

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  • Creator Equity Platform (Kickstarter + Angellist for creators).
    Make it dead simple for creators to let their followers invest in them. Automate entity creation through Stripe Atlas, allowing followers to buy shares in creators. The creator entity could be scoped to specific activities (e.g. merch, podcast revenues, but not certain types of royalties). It could allow automated dividend payouts based on some criteria, automate bank account creation so the platform can track money in and money out, and what’s owed to investors. There are lots of complex .

  • I want a better podcast player. So does @adayeoyh. Especially because Breaker is shutting down today.

  • I want roam templates. Don’t make me think how I should take reading notes.

  • There’s a a privacy revolution quietly taking place in B2B SaaS, which means on prem is back baby!

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Thread of threads from Eric Torenberg

Great thread from Justin Kan on general startup lessons

Baby alligators == Cute shit

Oxford’s “Very Short Introduction”

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